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Interior with Artist's Daughter, Vanesa Bell


Muse card Along the Shore Joseph Southall Muse card Farm Dora Carrington Muse card Hounds of Geevor Muse card In the Kitchen Howard Harvey Muse card Several Inventions Cedric Morris Muse card Spanish Boy Dora Carrington Muse card Tulips in Jug Dora Carrington Muse card Turnstones Muse card Vanessa Bell Muse card Wooden Whaler

Spanish Boy, Dora Carrington  £2.20

       Wooden Whaler

      David Kemp £2.20

      Hounds of Geevor

      David Kemp £2.20


      David Kemp £2.20

     In the Kitchen

   Howard Harvey


   Farm at Watenalath

     Dora Carrington


      Along the Shore

     Joseph Southall


   Several Inventions

       Cedric Morris


Tulips in Jug, Dora Carrington  £2.20

Muse Productions also have a fantastic range of black and white and colour art postcards, from iconic musicians and filmstars to old film stills, portraits of artists, unusual surreal imagery. Great for inspiration or raising a smile - send a postcard instead of an email and make someone's day! All 60p