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bathhouse for her... and him!

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Bathhouse soaps

    soaps and salts

Bathhouse bath tub salts Bathhouse bathing sugar Bathhouse lavender salts Bathhouse salts Bathhouse soap bar

Soap bars from £4.50

Bathing sachets £3.99

Bathhouse Cuban Cedar Bathhouse Spanish Fig

Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Rangefor Men

Deoderant £9.00

Bristle Shaving Brush £14.00

Shave Oil £12.00

Cuban Cedar and Lime Range for Men

Deoderant £9.00

Cologne £22.00

Bath Soak £15.00

Deoderant £9.00

Exfoliating Body Wash



Bathhouse Serenite

Serenity Range for Women

Bath sachet £4.00

Gift Box of Perfume and Soap £27.90

Jar of Bath Salts £10.00

Body Cream £18.00