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angie rogers -  woodcut prints

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Out in the landscape angie uses her sketchbook and camera to record her impressions of the shifting light, changeing weather and seasonal growth patterns throughout the year, alongside the effects of the passage of time on human settlements and manmade structures.


In the studio these images and impressions are turned into woodcut prints, artist's books and sculptural print forms.





Angie Rogers 1 Angie Rogers 2 Angie Rogers 3 angie Rogers 4 Angie Rogers 5 Angie Rogers 6 Angie Rogers 7 Angie Rogers 8

Terraces, Towers and Trees

£70.00    framed £100.00

Into the Valley

£65.00     framed £95.00

Green Annihilation

£90.00   framed £120.00

Terrace in the Trees

£70.00   framed £100.00

Heptonstall Road

£90.00   framed £120.00

                        Nutclough Mill

        £70.00   framed £95.00

Old School

£70.00   framed £95.00

Town Houses

£70.00   framed £95.00